La vérité sur 10 mythes à propos du disque menstruel

The truth about 10 myths about the menstrual disc

You've probably heard of the menstrual disc, this little wonder designed to revolutionize your menstrual routine. But maybe some myths and misconceptions are stopping you from getting started. Don't worry, we're here to help you demystify it all and discover the many benefits of the Fornix menstrual disc .

Ready to separate fact from fiction? So let's go!


Myth 1: The menstrual disc is difficult to insert and remove

Although the idea of placing something inside your vagina may seem intimidating at first, the menstrual disc is actually very easy to use after a few tries. It folds to the size of a tampon, to easily insert into the vaginal fornix. It is simply held in place by the pubic bone, without the need to create suction for it to reliably prevent leaks.

Also, our models with handle or tab are designed specifically to make removal easier. With a little practice and patience , you'll find that inserting and removing the menstrual disc will quickly become second nature.


Myth 2 - The menstrual disc can get stuck or lost

The great news is that the vaginal walls are the same as those of the cervix, which creates a cul-de-sac at the bottom of your vagina. It is therefore impossible for the disc to move anywhere other than your vagina. Note that during sexual arousal, the cervix naturally rises to make room for the penis. If you can't reach your disc after sex, just wait a few minutes to let your cervix return to its original position and you should be able to reach it without any problem!


Myth 3: The menstrual disc is painful to wear

Contrary to what you might think, you generally don't feel it when you wear it. This is explained, among other things, because unlike the vaginal canal which is surrounded by the muscles of the perineum, there are no muscles around the vaginal fornix (where the disc is worn). Thus, it does not create pressure on the perineum or urethra. In addition, by having a diameter larger than a cup and an highly flexible basin, it does not cause pressure that can be painful on the cervix.

However, it is true that a disc with a diameter that is too large and a rim that is too thick will stretch the vaginal walls and those of the cervix, which can temporarily cause pain while the cervix dilates. This is also why the diameter of the Fornix Disc is smaller and its rim thinner than the majority of other discs offered on the market.


Myth 4: The menstrual disc is only for people who have already given birth

The menstrual disc can be suitable for all people who menstruate and want to use it, whether they have already given birth or not. But if you have difficulty holding your cup in place, it is true that you might prefer the disc, because it is your pubic bone that holds it in place and not your muscles.


Myth 5: The menstrual disc can cause infections

When made from medical grade silicone, the menstrual disc is one of the healthiest menstrual products for your body. In addition to being free of toxic substances, it is non-absorbent. In other words, if we compare it to tampons, it leaves natural moisture and white blood cells and compared to pads or menstrual panties, it does not create an airtight effect. Thus, it does not disturb the pH of the vagina, which reduces the risk of infections such as vaginitis for example.

However, it is important to follow the instructions for use, such as sanitizing your disc before first use, emptying it every 12 hours at least and washing your hands carefully before handling it to avoid any contamination.


Myth 6: The menstrual disc is incompatible with physical activity

The menstrual disc is actually ideal for active and sporty people.

As it is simply held in place by the pubic bone, there is no risk that suction breaks and creates leaks.

But the best part is that you can enjoy the freedom of feeling like you’re not wearing anything! It doesn't absorb sweat, so no more wet tampon strings or the damp feeling of menstrual pads or panties. You can then do your favorite activities, whether it's running, yoga or swimming without worrying about leaks or discomfort!



Myth 7: The menstrual disc is less reliable than tampons and disposable pads

In fact, it's quite the opposite! In September 2023, a study carried out with real menstrual fluids has demonstrated that among all menstrual products, the menstrual disc is the big winner in terms of the quantity it can contain. Even if your flow is very heavy and you manage to practice controlled self-emptying on the toilet, you will undoubtedly appreciate being able to empty it between cleanings without having to use your hands! Since you can wear it for up to 12 hours straight, you can say goodbye to frequent changes and constant interruptions during your daily activities (and your precious night's sleep).


Additionally, because it collects instead of absorbing and is worn inside the body, it does not create an odor when you wear it.


Myth 8: The menstrual disc is difficult to clean

Cleaning a menstrual disc is actually very easy. After emptying it, simply rinse it with water and clean it with a mild soap before reinserting it (in the shower, for example). Between your cycles, depending on what you find easiest for you, you can sanitize it by placing it in boiling water for approximately 5 minutes or clean all its surfaces with 70% isopropyl alcohol (better known as rubbing alcohol).

To ensure the safety and durability of your menstrual disc, it is important to follow the care recommendations provided with the disc.


Myth 9 – The menstrual disc is messy

First, let's remember that periods are not dirty. Compared to a menstrual cup, it is true that when removing a menstrual disc, fluids can leak onto your fingers if you don't take actions to prevent this from happening.

If you want to avoid this situation, a tip is to tilt your pelvis forward, so that your disc remains horizontal when you remove it. With a little practice, you'll quickly realize how easy it is!


Myth 10 – The menstrual disc cannot be worn overnight

Well yes, you can sleep with confidence with a menstrual disc. Its round shape creates equal tension all around the vaginal walls, so it effectively prevents leaks even when you are lying down. In fact, compared to bulky pads or tampons (which should never be worn for more than 8 hours), many users of the Fornix disc prefer it because it is completely safe to wear for up to 12 consecutive hours between cleanings.


There you have it, we've debunked the main myths surrounding the use of a menstrual disc. In reality, this little wonder is a safe, convenient and eco-friendly option to better experience your periods. So, open yourself to a new menstrual experience and discover the many benefits of Fornix discs . You'll see, you won't regret it!


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