Fondatrice de Fornix une entreprise de disques menstruels qui offre le disque menstruel Fornix avec languette et le disque menstruel Fornix avec poignée des produits menstruels faits de silicone de qualité médicale / Fornix Founder company that offers menstrual discs Fornix Menstrual Disc With Tab and Fornix Menstrual Disc With Handle period products made from medical grade silicone

Who are we?

Fornix is the first company from Quebec that designs menstrual discs.
Created in Montreal by our team, Fornix Menstrual Discs are made in Canada by one of the world leaders in liquid injection moulding.

Our mission is to help people have better periods by providing information and menstrual discs that are comfortable, easy to use and reliable.

To contribute overcome period poverty, we take action in favour of menstrual independence by giving a Fornix Menstrual Disc to charity for every disc sold.

Through awareness and discussion, we want to overcome the taboos and stigma associated with menstruation. We post on our blog and have created the Fornix Community on Facebook to talk openly about all things menstruation and share tips and tricks.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
— Nelson Mandela

Our story

It was while using washable diapers for her first child that Marielle La Rue became aware of the environmental impact of disposable menstrual products. She tried reusable menstrual products, but didn’t like the wet, cold feel of menstrual pads and turned to internal products made from medical-grade silicone. She loved the sustainable and easily cleanable material, but couldn’t find the ideal product on the market for her needs. So she decided to surround herself with a team to create it.

After much research and development, including several false starts, the Fornix team finally designed a menstrual disc, offered in 2 models: With Tab or With Handle. This innovative design has been created to be comfortable, reliable and easy to use.

Fornix Menstrual Discs are now available everywhere in Canada.

Our values

Respect and kindness

  • All our actions are guided by respect and kindness.
  • Our design is unique and was created to solve problems experienced by the founder with other discs on the market.
  • We have chosen a local and ethical company to manufacture all our discs.
  • We are honest about how long our menstrual disc can last and do not recommend replacing it when it would be reusable for several more years.
  • We do not sell pH-balanced soap or disinfectant wipes, products already available on the market in inexpensive and eco-friendly formats.


  • We share complete information so that each person can make informed choices and avoid unpleasant surprises.


  • We want to help restore gender balance by breaking the taboos and stigma associated with menstruation.
  • We want all people to have access to menstrual independence, regardless of their economic status.
  • We take action for equity by informing and donating a Fornix Menstrual Disc to charity for every disc sold.


  • By sharing information, we present another perspective on menstruation and reusable menstrual products so that each person is better informed to freely choose what is best for their well-being.
  • We use the real words to name body parts to overcome the taboos associated with them.


  • We believe that differences make our world better and do our best to ensure that all menstruating people feel included in our talk regardless of their gender identity.


  • We offer a sustainable alternative to single-use menstrual products to reduce waste at the source.
  • Our 100% recyclable cardboard packaging has been designed to reduce our carbon footprint during delivery because an envelope takes up much less space than a box.
  • Our storage pouches are made from organic cotton.

The founder

With her education and professional experience in business, Marielle La Rue is passionate first and foremost about the human body and well-being.

Her research has made her aware of menstrual poverty and the taboos and stigma associated with menstruation. So she thought of a way to help people live menstruation better.

To ensure that those less fortunate also have access to menstrual independence, for every Fornix Menstrual Disc sold, another disc is donated to charity.

Having had a long journey in fertility treatment, she now sees menstruation as the cradle of life. She therefore wants to open up the discussion and share her vision to overcome taboos and stigma.

In her own way, she’s working to improve the world.

Collaborate with Fornix

Want to contribute to Fornix’s mission? Contact us to learn about the the benefits of promoting Fornix Menstrual Discs.