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A) Small and rounded rim

  • So you can enjoy the freedom of feeling like you’re not wearing anything.
  • Fits most people regardless of age, muscle tone, menstrual flow, or cervix position.
  • Ideal for those with sensitivities or a weak perineum.

B) Deep, thin and highly flexible basin

  • To avoid any pain or pressure on the cervix.
  • Maximum capacity: 36 ml (about 7 regular tampons)

C) Easy-to-push rim

  • Leaves space for the finger to push the disc comfortably above the pubic bone.

D) Anti-slip handle

  • Easy removal of the disc thanks to an optimized grip.

E) Tab

  • Highly flexible tab with ring for a safe and convenient grip to help remove the disc without dropping it.
  • Thin and narrow stem that improves accessibility and can be worn comfortably at the entrance of the vagina or trimmed to measure.

Why we like Fornix

  • Icône Comfortable de disque  menstruel Fornix / Comfortable icon of Fornix Menstrual Disc


    • Say goodbye to the wetness of menstrual pads and urine-soaked tampon strings.
    • Sensationless.
    • Folds to the size of a tampon for smooth insertion.

  • Icône Pratique de disque menstruel Fornix / Convenient icon of Fornix Menstrual Disc


    • No need to carry around spare menstrual products or buy them in a hurry.
    • Reliably prevents leaks for up to 12 hours between cleanings, even during sex, exercising, swimming or sleeping.
    • There is no odour when you wear it.
  • Icône Sain de disque menstruel Fornix / Safe icon of Fornix Menstrual Disc


    • Free of toxic substances, BPA and latex.
    • Non-absorbent, so leaves natural moisture and white blood cells.
    • Avoids disturbing the pH and reduces the risk of infection.


  • Icône Durable de disque menstruel Fornix / Eco-friendly icon of Fornix Menstrual Disc


    • 45 billion menstrual products are thrown out each year worldwide.
    • If you use 20 disposable menstrual products per cycle and have 12 cycles per year, in 10 years you will have avoided throwing away 2400 menstrual products, which take about 500 years each to break down.
    • Reusable for up to 10 years with proper care, the Fornix Menstrual Disc reduces menstrual waste at the source.
    • Our storage pouches are made from organic cotton. 
  • Icône Économique de disque menstruel Fornix / Cost-effective icône of Fornix Menstrual Disc


    • A Fornix Menstrual Disc sold for CAN$54 is reusable for up to 10 years with proper care.
    • In Canada, disposable menstrual products can cost up to $8 for 20 units.
    • If you use 20 disposable menstrual products per cycle and have 12 cycles per year, your bill will be nearly $100 per year and $1000 over 10 years.
    • A Fornix Menstrual Disc therefore represents a savings of approximately 95%.
  • Icône Social de disque menstruel Fornix / Social icon of Fornix Menstrual Disc


    • When you buy a Fornix Menstrual Disc, we donate one to charity to help someone in need who wants to achieve menstrual independence.
    • Through awareness and discussion, we want to contribute to overcoming the taboos and stigma associated with menstruation.
    • We post on our blog and have created the Fornix Community on Facebook to talk openly about all things menstruation and share tips and tricks.

Let’s take action for menstrual independence

Join the discussion on social media and be part of the movement. #myfornix
Insertion du disque menstruel Fornix / Fornix Menstrual Disc insertion

Easy to use

1. Wash your hands and your disc.

2. Fold it in half.

3. Insert your disc and tuck it above your pubic bone.

4. Remove and clean the disc after a maximum of 12 hours before reinserting it.

Learn more


Whether by email, phone, Instagram or Facebook, we’re here to help! We also invite you to join the Fornix Community on Facebook to get support from others who use our menstrual discs.