Ton guide pour mieux vivre tes menstruation en camping

Your guide for better periods while camping

Are you going camping during your period? Here's how to prepare!



Do you like camping, hiking or even backpacking? You don't need to change your habits, even during your period. Menstruation shouldn't be an obstacle to your pleasure!


Here are some things to consider if you go camping during your period, so that you can have fun and enjoy some time outdoors, in complete peace and quiet.


1. Pack your bags to be ready for camping


One of the main rules of camping or hiking is to leave no trace. This means putting all the waste you generate in a bag to throw away at home.

Weighing down your camping trip with used pads and tampons isn't exactly ideal. Reusable menstrual products are comfortable, easy to use and clean, and much more convenient to take with you into nature. The Fornix menstrual disc will quickly become your best friend when camping!


2. Plan the cleaning


Make sure you've located sources of clean water that you can use to clean your disc (if you're camping, chances are running water isn't an option). The Fornix disc offers up to 12 hours of peace of mind, so dealing with cleaning up your period blood will be much less frequent than with tampons and pads.


Carry clean water and mild soap with you so you can clean your disc. All that remains is to rinse it before reinserting it. Hand sanitizer is also great to have on hand to ensure your hands are properly cleaned before inserting and removing your disc.


Here's a perfect tip for managing menstrual blood (and your other fluids) while camping: the “cat hole.” This hole must be dug 60 meters from the water, trails or your campsite, to empty your disc. It should have a depth of 15 to 20 cm and a diameter of 10 to 15 cm. Even if menstrual blood does not attract bears (this is a myth), it is essential to bury your bio-waste when you go to the “toilet” off the beaten path. It is important not to throw pads or tampons into this hole, but rather collect them in a bag and throw them in the trash.

3. Bring enough snacks and water


Your energy expenditure during your period will be even greater than if you went camping or hiking at another time in your cycle. Make sure you have enough snacks, food and water so you can maintain your energy and minimize your menstrual symptoms, since dehydration can increase the appearance of cramps.


4. Adopt eco-friendly menstrual products


Choosing to switch to reusable menstrual products before you go camping, hiking, or backpacking somewhere is a great idea! This will lighten your luggage, reduce your waste (on the trails and at home) and make your period much easier and more comfortable.


If you want, you can even buy more than one if you don't want to take a break for cleaning (although this step is very easy with our disc). Having two on hand allows you to remove the used one and insert a clean one quickly. After changing it, you can take your time to rinse and clean the used one and keep it in your bag, ready for the next change. Period panties are also an interesting option to wear in combination with your disc, depending on your preferences.


In closing, having your period should never mean you have to miss the activities you love, like camping or hiking. By switching to the Fornix menstrual disc , you'll get more comfort and up to 12 hours of continuous peace of mind with fewer external changes. This option is convenient for traveling, so much so that you'll almost forget you're on your period and can just enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer!

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