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The Fornix Menstrual Disc design explained

In order to improve the menstrual disc, the founder of Fornix began by consulting books and health professionals to better understand the human body. She then called on a team of experts in industrial design and liquid injection moulding to develop a menstrual disc that would be easier to insert and remove, while being comfortable and effective. After almost 2 years of work and several false starts, the Fornix design was born. Every feature of the Fornix Menstrual Disc has been designed for maximum effectiveness.


Menstrual disc insertion

We first wanted to make insertion easier with a push rim.

To insert a menstrual disc, it must be pushed as high as possible to tuck above the pubic bone. If the lower part of the rim is pointed, the finger will push on this spot, which can be uncomfortable. Also, the finger tends to slip off the pointed edge, which can lead to multiple attempts to get the disc inserted correctly. We therefore created a flat, long and wide rim that could be inserted easily and stay in place above the pubic bone, without suction.


Menstrual disc removal

We then wanted to facilitate the removal of the disc by creating a tab with a ring and a notch with grip lines.

On the Fornix Menstrual Disc With Tab model, the ring provides a safe and convenient way to remove the disc without dropping it, while the notch improves accessibility to the ring.

The thin and narrow stem can be worn comfortably at the entrance of the vagina. For better grip, we added indentations on the front of the stem.

The tab can be tucked completely into the vaginal fornix, which leaves the vaginal canal free for penetrative sex.

We created the Without Tab model because some partners might feel the ring of the tab.

Although we consider the tab to be ideal for easy removal, we have also found an alternative solution: the notch with grip lines and the push rim optimize the grip to prevent the finger from slipping when removing the disc.


Menstrual disc comfort

In general, a disc between 60 mm and 70 mm fits most people. Since the diameter of the majority of menstrual discs currently available on the market is larger than 65 mm and can cause cramps for some, we have chosen a diameter of 62 mm. For this reason, Fornix Menstrual Discs are reliable and comfortable for most people, regardless of muscle tone, heaviness of menstrual flow or cervix position. The disc’s 7.5 mm rim thickness allows it to fold to the size of a tampon for smooth insertion.

To avoid any pain or pressure on the cervix, the disc basin is deep and its complete membrane is thin (including that of the notch).

Its petal-soft texture makes it pleasant to the touch.

To reduce the risk of irritation, the logo is located inside the disc.


Menstrual disc colour and material

To minimize the impact of gradual fading over time, all Fornix discs are shadow grey.

They are made of 100% medical-grade silicone, biocompatible and hypoallergenic, are free of toxic substances, BPA and latex and are reusable for up to 10 years with proper care.


Fornix Menstrual Disc offered in 2 models

To meet different needs, Fornix Menstrual Disc is available in 2 models: With Tab or Without Tab.

Both Fornix Menstrual Disc models fit most people, regardless of muscle tone, heaviness of menstrual flow or cervix position. The tab is very flexible and can be positioned completely in the vaginal fornix for sex. We offer the Without Tab model for people who might prefer it, as some partners may feel the ring of the tab during penetrative intercourse.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@fornix.ca.

The Fornix Team

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