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The learning curve with the menstrual disc

The shape of the menstrual disc may seem intriguing, but it is precisely thanks to this that the menstrual disc is easier to use than a menstrual cup. There are no complicated folds or special techniques to master for it to fully unfold and create a suction effect. Simply join the rims of the menstrual disc which springs back to its own shape when released and is held in place only with the support of the pubic bone.

While easier to use than a menstrual cup, there can still be a learning curve to successfully using a menstrual disc effectively.


Where to wear a menstrual disc


It is first necessary to understand where to wear the menstrual disc in the vagina. Unlike most other internal menstrual products that sit in the vaginal canal, the menstrual disc sits higher up in the vagina, in the vaginal fornix around the cervix. As the fornix is wider than the canal, the menstrual disc provides the comfortable feeling of wearing nothing, even though the diameter of the menstrual discs is larger than that of the majority of menstrual cups.


Where to wear a menstrual disc, into the vaginal fornix


Inserting the menstrual disc 

To insert the Fornix menstrual disc, simply join the rims located on each side of the notch so that it becomes as thin as a tampon and thus allows a smooth insertion.

An important step during insertion is to angle the menstrual disc back so that the back rim of the menstrual disc is behind the cervix.

Depending on your anatomy, if you simply point the menstrual disc upwards, there is a risk that the menstrual disc will remain positioned anterior to the cervix. Placed this way, the menstrual disc basin will not collect menstrual fluids exiting the cervix, causing leakage and potentially discomfort.


How to insert a menstrual disc into the vaginal fornix


Positioning of the menstrual disc

Another important step is to push the front of the menstrual disc upwards so that it unfolds above the pubic bone and is held in place by the support of it. If not, the disc will tend to come down into the vaginal canal and will not prevent leakage effectively.

For some people, it is possible to practice controlled self-emptying of the menstrual disc in the toilet, which is very convenient when the menstrual flow is heavy. To get menstrual fluids to flow out of the disc, the muscles used to go to the toilet must be contracted so that the front of the menstrual disc drops slightly into the vaginal canal. Sitting on the toilet with your knees elevated contributes to successful self-emptying. In most cases, the menstrual disc repositions itself by relaxing the muscles used to go to the toilet. If not, just push it back up into place with a clean finger.

Tuck a menstrual disc behind the pubic bone into the vaginal fornix


Removal of the menstrual disc

The first few times you remove your menstrual disc, you may prefer to do so in the shower to familiarize yourself with this step. To remove your Fornix Menstrual Disc, the ring of the tab provides a safe and convenient grip to remove the disc without dropping it, but it is also possible to pull the rim of the disc or the tab stem. If you drop your menstrual disc in the toilet, there is no need to throw it away. You can simply sanitize it by placing it in boiling water for approximately 5 minutes or by cleaning all its surfaces with 70% isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth.

Removal of a menstrual disc by pulling the ring of the Fornix Menstrual Disc tab


Questions about using the menstrual disc?

If you have any questions, know that the Fornix team is here to help! We also invite you to join the Fornix Community on Facebook to get support from others who use our menstrual discs. 

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