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The evolution of the menstrual disc

Although the menstrual cup was patented by Leona Chalmers in 1937, it wasn't until 1992 that Audrey Contente of Ultrafem Inc. filed a patent application for the disposable Instead Softcup (now called Softdisc) menstrual disc made of medical grade polymers. Ultrafem became The Flex Co, in 2016, the company released a disposable menstrual disc, the Flex Disc, which is made of a blend of medical-grade polymers which has the property of warming up and mold to the shape of the body.


Disposable Menstrual Disc Flex Disc

It was not until 2018 that the first menstrual disc made of silicone and reusable for several years was marketed, named the Ziggy which is produced by Intimina.


Reusable Ziggy Menstrual Disc

Subsequently, other reusable menstrual discs made of silicone entered the market, each created primarily to improve problematic aspects of other menstrual discs.

Later in 2018, Lumma launches the Unique Menstrual Disc, which comes in three different sizes and stands out for its easy-to-remove stem.


Reusable Menstrual Disc Lumma Unique

In February 2019, Nixit launched its menstrual disc (called the Nixit menstrual cup) internationally, then in Canada in June 2020.

Reusable Nixit Menstrual Disc (Nixit Menstrual Cup)

At the beginning of 2021, Cora is producing a menstrual disc with a removal notch, The Perfect Fit Disc.

Reusable menstrual disc from Cora, The Perfect Fit Disc

In the fall of 2021, Hello Period is introducing the Hello Disc, a menstrual disc with a curved tab made up of two rings.

Reusable menstrual disc - Hello Disc

At the beginning of 2022, it is the turn of Saalt to launch its menstrual disc which has a removal notch with grip lines and offered in two sizes.

Reusable menstrual discs - Saalt Disc

In the fall of 2022, Diva is marketing the Diva Disc, a menstrual disc with a membrane (Leakproof Shield) on part of the top of the disc and a anti-slip pull tab.

Reusable menstrual disc - Diva Disc

Although the Fornix team has been working on the design of the Fornix Menstrual Disc since 2021, the launch in Canada is not expected until the summer of 2023, when it will be approved by Health Canada. The Fornix Menstrual Disc will be offered in two models: With Handle or With Tab. Its innovative design has been designed to be comfortable, reliable and easy to use thanks to its push rim, its tab made up of a ring and a stem (model With Tab), its anti-slip handle , its small diameter (62 mm) and thin rim.

Reusable Fornix Menstrual Disc With Tab
Reusable Fornix Menstrual Disc Without Tab

Although no menstrual disc fits everyone, it is through continuous evolution and improvement that each person will have the chance to find a menstrual disc that suits their needs.

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