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“I wish I’d tried a menstrual disc first.”

“I wish I’d tried a menstrual disc first.” That’s probably what everyone who uses a menstrual disc tells themselves. In my case, it was after using tampons for over 20 years that I tried a menstrual cup, then a menstrual disc, for the first time.



It was primarily the ecological reason that convinced me.

Not being able to use tampons for postpartum bleeding after the arrival of my first child, I turned to disposable menstrual pads. Seeing them rolled up in my trash can made me think of baby diapers. It was then that I realized that, just like disposable diapers, single-use menstrual products also take about 500 years to break down. I was using cloth diapers for my child, so it made no sense to continue using disposable menstrual products.

Since I didn’t like the wet feeling of menstrual pads, I did some research to find out what menstrual cup would be right for me (I was still new to the menstrual disc) as soon as I was able to use internal products again.

I found an online quiz and chose my first menstrual cup based on my answers. I say “first” because I ended up trying over 40 menstrual cups and discs in the process!

As I continued my research, I realized that the cervix is often very sensitive; applying pressure or stretching its walls can lead to pain.

The rim of menstrual cups that were too long put pressure on my cervix and hurt me.

Since the walls of the vagina and the cervix are the same, menstrual discs that were too big caused me pain.

Discs that were too big and too flexible could also self-empty unexpectedly.

Cups that were too wide put pressure on my urethra and caused me discomfort.

Cups that were too narrow tended to slip out of my vagina and did not prevent leaks effectively.

Not having found my ideal menstrual product among those available in Canada, I turned to second-hand products made of medical-grade silicone.


Comfortable, convenient, reliable and safe

To my delight, I ended up finding a menstrual disc that was the right size and flexibility for my needs. I felt like I was wearing nothing! There were improvements to be made for easier insertion and removal, but comfort is what drew me to this menstrual disc. Other reasons why I love reusable menstrual discs include:

  • They’re safe to wear for 12 hours, so I don’t have to worry about my menstrual product during the day.
  • When my menstrual flow is heavy, I can perform controlled self-emptying of the disc in the toilet without having to use my hands.
  • They prevent leaks effectively, even during penetrative sex.
  • No need to think about lugging around or buying emergency menstrual products.
  • By collecting instead of absorbing, they don’t disturb the pH and reduce the risk of infection.

With the goal of helping others appreciate menstrual discs as much as I do, I challenged myself to improve their design and make them more accessible.

I began by studying pelvic anatomy and thinking about ways to facilitate insertion and removal. I then worked with a team of experts in industrial design and liquid injection moulding and after a few false starts the Fornix design was born.

Today, I’m happy to have persisted in my search and I hope that it will help others with their own menstrual experiences.

Marielle LaRue

Founder of Fornix
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